Our Roots

At Yadah we care about the health of your skin and our planet. We want to create products made from the best and safest natural ingredients that honestly work for your skin. Founded from a mother’s search for safe and reliable products to apply on her children’s skin, Yadah has grown into an international and innovative brand – but still with the same love and care for your skin.

Life brings many challenges to both you and your skin through harsh weather, stress and pollution. We want to be the brand that helps you with all of that. Therefore, we think that beauty products should be made out of reliable and natural ingredients that are both effective and kind to your skin, but also kind to nature.

We care about the essentials

Yadah wants what’s best for you and our planet. Therefore, we don’t invest in excessive advertising or unnecessary products. We do not want to be a part of the fast beauty culture that promotes overconsumption. Instead, we create fewer but more effective and vegan products with sustainable packaging. With this in mind, every product we produce is developed with genuine love and care.

We believe in the power of nature

Yadah’s products are filled with powerful natural ingredients. Our goal is to help your skin stay healthy, but also to provide effective solutions to your troubles. We have researched various roots, flowers, and fruits to find ingredients that are good for your skin. This way we can make your skin better and also reduce the impact on the planet.

We refuse to compromise

We believe in the power of sincerely good ingredients from nature and only add the chemicals that are kind to your skin and that can bring additional benefits. There’s no compromise on a single harmful ingredient, texture, smell, or quality. That’s why we develop new products slowly, to make sure that they are the best they can be. For the best and safest development process we have our own lab where we can control, test, and research new and existing ingredients for our products.